Hello Friend. :]
My name is Marlon. I am of Filipino descent. I have entered existence 21 years ago. I play piano. I used to play drums. I currently live in Sacramento, CA.

Let's say that my posts aren't exactly of a certain theme. You will find a huge variety of random crap that happens to catch the attention of my wild imagination.

I love meeting new people, so don't be afraid to introduce yourself! In all honesty, I may not be the cutest person out there on tumblr, but I will try my absolute best to prove to you that I am friendly. :D

AIM: helloimbossss

I follow back most of my followers. I always check a new follower's blog before following. If I like what I see, then I will follow back. I don't really have high standards though. That's basically it.

Have an amazing day! :D



Can I just…..?????

Like, this is the single most beautiful piece of animation ever, I mean


Go ahead, click and drag it, I fucking GUARANTEE that whatever frame it lands on will make you feel better about your day.


Write in my ask how you’d describe me to somebody who’s never met me